JoBlo Productions presents final trailer for The Shelter (+Cannes screening)

Our first official full-length film production, entitled THE SHELTER, written and directed by our very own John Fallon (aka the Arrow from Arrow in the Head) is in its final leg of the post-production race this coming week (thanks to Holbrook Multi Media for their fine work), as the film's "final cut" is now officially in the bag, and today we have the pleasure of releasing the film's final trailer (see below). As most of you may already know by now, the psychological mind-f*ck with horror elements stars Michael Pare and was shot in the great state of Louisiana. For more background info on the film, click here.

For anyone wondering when you may have a chance to actually see the movie, the answer to that question will hopefully come soon as we are screening the film in Cannes next month during its annual Film Festival, for all interested buyers and film distributors. The screening will take place on May 16th at 4:00pm at the Gray 3 Theater. All interested parties can contact the good people representing the film for us at Cannes, namely DC MEDIAS. But until then....here's the final trailer.



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