Our latest JOBLO MOVIE SHOW episode isn't necessarily only about WATCHMEN, but God knows we tried to jam-pack as many WATCHMEN-related items into the show as possible including Jenna Busch's infamous 6/10 review of the film (live from the Owl Ship!!), our massive WATCHMEN give-away which includes an exclusive LIMITED EDITION X-Box 360 console and tons of cool swag (including WATCHMEN condoms, yo!), interview clips with the cast, our latest comic strip and even a fun surprise (after the end credits). The HOTTIE OF THE WEEK is also back for another round (Clue: she was nominated for Oscar), and we introduce not one but two new segments to the show including THE TRAILER PARK which focuses on people who live in trailers (just kidding, it's all about movie trailers, baby!) and GEEK STUFF which will obviously be focusing on the coolest games, toys and other geekness to come out week to week. Phew! That enough for you?

-- win this very cool X-Box 360 console --

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