We've been talking about it since the end of last year's SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, but we're only a few days away now (this year's Con goes from July 22-26), so why not dedicate our latest JOBLO MOVIE SHOW to the wonderful annual event that is COMIC CON!! This will be JoBlo.com's 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY at the Con, and you can check out any of our previous coverage below (wow, I was so young back then...I could barely drink 6 beers without getting drunk).

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And here's the breakdown of this week's episode. Remember to stay tuned for our actual COMIC CON coverage next week from Wednesday July 22nd to Sunday July 26th, and our very special COMIC CON RECAP SHOW on Wednesday, July 29th.

Wide World of Sampson:
Comic Con preview!! 

The Five Spot:
Top 5 Comic Book movies

The Celebrity Minute:
My favorite past Comic Con meets/greets

Viral video: Goodfellas
"What the f*ck is so funny about me?!?"

Arrow Spits on your Grave:
Horror movies at the Comic Con

DVD Injection:
DVD talk at the Comic Con

The Stache Sez reviews:
Funny People & Adam

...and more!!

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