JoBlo Movie Trivia Quiz: Lost

Joblo Movie Trivia Quiz

Welcome to JoBlo.com's Mysterious Movie Trivia Quizzes! Each week we'll be presenting you with a new movie quiz with which to test your cinematic knowledge. When Llyod Braun, who was the Chairman of the ABC Entertainment Group at the time, greenlit the pilot for Lost he knew that it was going to be an enormous success. But due to it being one of the most expensive pilots of all time, Braun was fired before Lost even premiered. Braun definitely had the last laugh however as Lost went on to spawn dozens of imitators as well as launch a new era of serialized television. Every week millions of fans would attempt to piece together just what the heck was going down on that Island, and if you think you've got a handle on the various mysteries of Lost, why not prove yourself worthy with our latest quiz!


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