JoBlo Podcast #36

Screen Ranter

Fellow movie shit-talker, webmaster, and all around great dude, Vic Holtreman, of ScreenRant.com stops by the JoBlo Movie Podcast studios and enlightens Moreno and I on what it takes to break into the business. Want to start your own Movie website? Come listen how Vic took his tiny little blog and turned it into a highly visited site with ten writers and faithful readers. Also:

- Click on either of those badasses below (Vic is on the right) to win a cool-as-shit replica hat like Woody wears in the upcoming ZOMBIELAND. You might also win Vic's goatee.

- Moreno went to see PONYO and swears it's not like doing mushrooms on a roller coaster. I watched BAYWATCH: HAWAIIAN WEDDING and found myself oddly engrossed.

- Moreno and I plan for a screening at the Brew and View in Chicago, I contemplate bringing my son to see the TOY STORY double feature, and, for some reason, we bring up Jimmy O in his underwear again. This happens way too often.

- Release Dates allows us to lay into that ridiculous DVD cover above for ten minutes straight. I pimp AWAY WE GO with as much grace as a drunken sloth. And finally, we try to nail down who is the king of straight-to-DVD movies - Kilmer, Seagal, or Gooding Jr.

-Just as we're about to wrap things up, the boys from Blood, Bullets, and Broads: The AITH Podcast crash our party. Ammon Gilbert and Eric Walkuski stop by to shoot the shit about booze, their fancy celebrity guests, puking, and basically give us an excuse to drink longer.

- Be sure to head over to our podcast thread in the JoBlo.com forums to give props to Andres for creating the spectacular new poster you see at the top of this article.

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