JoBlo Podcast #39

All Saints Day

We knew we had to go big to follow up Jenna Busch so we just said fuck it, and called THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery, the MacManus bros. themselves, join Johnny Moreno and myself to talk about their upcoming sequel, ALL SAINTS DAY, and shoot the shit about Comic Con, Troy Duffy, the dicks that made OVERNIGHT, and the last time they went on a romantic date together. Also:

- Norman tells us about being hit by an 18-wheeler, the awesomeness of Judd Nelson, and why SAINTS took so long to finally happen. Sean deals with his cellular service, explains the presence of Rocco in the trailer, and promises a bigger, better BOONDOCKS film.

- Moreno has to deal with more annoying kids during WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, I discuss my visit to the AITH Podcast, we both try to figure out how to get Jenna Busch on more often, and there's plenty of bitching about the SAW franchise, who the fuck ASTRO BOY is, and being drunk at work (real work).

- Caption this photo on my Movie Fan Central page and you could be receiving a 2-disc Collector's Edition DVD of TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. The funniest caption will be picked by Moreno and me this Friday @ midnight EST and will be announced on the next podcast. NORTH AMERICAN RESIDENTS ONLY.

- Release Dates has me praying PARANORMAL ACTIVITY kicks the shit out of SAW VI and puts an end to it's future existence in our universe. We dare you to tell the difference between a Montreal accent and a New York accent while watching our very own John Fallon in 100 FEET. We also discuss what the future holds for the WRONG TURN franchise via incredibly lame attempts at humor.

- Next week's Halloween show brings another special guest (or two) as we try to escare the panties off you and violate even more senses than usual.

Veritas Aequitas. October 30th.

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