JoBlo Podcast #45

One Site To Rule Them All

If you've ever looked for something on the internet related to the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy you've probably ended up on our guest's website. TheOneRing.net's Editor in Chief and founder, Michael Regina joins Moreno and I to talk about the site, dish out some juicy HOBBIT info, and let us know how he's planning on macking Jenna Busch (Thanks again to Ocelot_Snake for his timely request and making that photoshop classic above). And a whole lot of other shit:

- Michael takes us from the beginning and tells us how TORn has become the web's best destination for anything Tolkien related. He also gets to pimp his new Talk Radio Show and explain how he and JoBlo have avoided each other while living in the same city for years (BTW, it's kind of creepy how much Michael reminds us of JoBlo, himself. We only bring this up 30 times).

- Moreno wants to hate ANGELS & DEMONS and then somehow talks himself into liking it. I put my Oscar contest entry status into the hands of the Academy and them recognizing the excellence of Sam Rockwell in MOON.

- I also hope they give props to MAX AND MARY (above pic). Moreno hates on TERMINATOR: SALVATION (right before we give the DVD away) and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2. I puke on SPREAD. We both love some 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

- Hit my Movie Fan Central page and caption this picture for a chance to get your hands on either a DVD copy or a Blu-ray copy (your choice) of THE HANGOVER. Moreno and I will pick the funniest caption this Friday at midnight (EST) and have it delivered by Mike Tyson.

- Release Dates actually has us more excited than usual as we both hope for good things from BROTHERS, ARMORED, and UP IN THE AIR. We also have really long discussions about Michael Cera and Robert De Niro and how they're related.... in our minds.

- Other random shit: Moreno's drunken Thanksgiving festivities. Why I was mad at my buddy for violating a drunk girl on a dance floor. More Chicago get-together talk.


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