JoBlo Podcast #46

Clifton Collins Jr.

Actor, producer, Clifton Collins Jr. takes time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to stop by the show and discuss anything and everything. We talk BOONDOCK SAINTS II, BROTHERS, CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE, EXTRACT, and the upcoming THE EXPERIMENT between some deep conversation about the passing of his friends Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger, eavesdropping on the musical talents of his next door neighbor, John Black, and his hilarious impersonation of Tobey Maguire.

- If that wasn't enough, Clifton brings his long time bud, and JoBlo.com celebrity, Jimmy O, along for the conversation. The four of us make for the Podcast's most epic interview of all time and solidify our love for one Hollywood's hardest working actors. We also get to spring the secret pic we took with Clifton at Comic Con a couple years ago (bottom of this article). Both creepy and delightful.

- Moreno blames me for making him watch PRECIOUS which leads to our conversation about the brilliant performance of Mo'Nique (below) and why we'd like to fight her. I also caught up with TERMINATOR: SALVATION and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2: MORE MUSEUM and was surprised by not hating either.

- Hit my Movie Fan Central page and caption this picture for a chance to get your hands on either a DVD copy or a Blu-ray copy (your choice) of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE PODCAST TO FIND OUT IF YOU WIN. Moreno and I will pick the funniest caption this Friday at midnight (EST) and hook you up with it next week. Unless you're a Nazi. North American residents only please.

- Release Dates allows us to be confused about the HARRY POTTER films, fight over who will watch JULIE AND JULIA less, and finally pimp WORLD'S GREATEST DAD. We're both exited for LOVELY BONES and THE SLAMMIN' SALMON while I try to impress Moreno with the fact that INVICTUS has already won some awards. It doesn't work. Also: Eliza Dushku nudity and Moreno's secret love of dolphins.

- Other random shit: Why Kimbo Slice is the ultimate man's man. The plan for Moreno's upcoming guest spot on Blood, Bullets, and Broads: The AITH Podcast. Hints about our huge end of the year giveaway and Best Of show.


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