JoBlo Podcast Commentary: Scarface!

The Scarface Commentary!

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JoBlo, Johnny Moreno and Jim Law sit down for three hours with a crap-load of booze, personal piles of cocaine, and their microphones to analyze one of the most celebrated gangster films of all time, SCARFACE. Join us as we laugh our asses off at the wardrobe, sit in awe of how little Michelle Pfeiffer actually does in this movie, and continuously warn Manny that he's going to get dead if he keeps tapping Tony's sister's ass. He doesn't listen. Moreno tells of life-changing moments within the film. JoBlo fills our heads with mind blowing trivia. Law giggles a lot and drinks two, sometimes, three beers at the same time. So much talent in this group!

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Three hours of Moreno trying not to recite every line in character!

Three hours of getting hot & bothered by Elvira!

Three hours of The Man!


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