JoBlo Podcast: Contraband. Pinball. Chipmunks. Sampson.

"Marky Mark is my comfort food."

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Our boss, Mike Sampson, stops by for a visit to the show so we can talk about his future, why replacing Paul Walker with Mark Wahlberg in the Fast & Furious films would cost the movie-going public zillions of dollars, why he likes 'American Horror Story' more than 'The Walking Dead', and the greatest party he's ever been to. Meanwhile, Law reviews CONTRABAND, THE IDES OF MARCH, and THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED (seriously) and Moreno gets his game on with SPECIAL WHEN LIT and a revisit to THE KING OF KONG. Bring a tissue, it gets a little emotional in this beyotch.

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Law loves everybody involved with Contraband.

Moreno explains why pinball was once considered illegal.

Vomit inducing trashy garbage poop.

Sampson defends American Horror Story.

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