JoBlo Podcast: Hunger Games reviewed & interview with director Gary Ross!

Director Gary Ross talks Hunger Games!

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Director, Gary Ross sits down with our very own Jimmy O to discuss the challenges of directing the year's first "event" movie, THE HUNGER GAMES. Jimmy also gives us his review of the film, calling it a "cross between HARRY POTTER and BATTLE ROYALE". When left alone, Moreno and Law dip into the TV Round-Up and get set for season 2 of 'Game of Thrones' now that Moreno is all caught up. We also speculate on the season finale of 'The Walking Dead' and argue about nonsense. Law reviews THE PACK and DARK TIDE while Moreno keeps it medieval with CENTURION, IRONCLAD, and a revisit of GLADIATOR. There's also a new segment that rips off ESPN's 'PTI' that we like to call Pirates of the Interruption. Can't wait to get sued.

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Gary Ross talks about directing The Hunger Games

Jimmy O reviews the film!

Moreno fires through Game of Thrones!

Law joins The Pack!

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