JoBlo Podcast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joe Dante interviewed! Reviews of Looper and End of Watch!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joe Dante interviewed! Reviews of Looper and End of Watch!

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The Canadian is headed to Toronto because he forgot his wallet at a strip club in some stripper's cleavage, so the great Jimmy O starts off the podcast and talks about Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. Before Jim Law hits the road though, we get to down to a little business with the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire on our asses, Sons of Anarchy's issues (read: Jax) and whether or not we should keep up with Boss and its sillyness. From there, director Joe Dante stops by to talk about his new flick The Hole and why Gremlins don't multiply with beer (hint, they're drunk as FUCK and don't care). We review The Hole, Eric Walkuski talks with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about Looper then reviews the film. Jimmy O reviews House at the End of the Street, Frankeweenie and End of Watch, and constantly fondles himself. It's gross.

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0:13:26 - TV Round Up with Jim Law! SOA, Boardwalk Empire, Boss, Magic City!

0:50:13 - Joe Dante interview and The Hole reviewed.

1:25:49 - Eric Walkuski stops by with his Joseph Gordon-Levitt interview!

1:37:23 - EDub reviews Looper!

1:50:48 - Reviews of The Two Escobars, The Hunter, House at the End of the Street, Frankenweenie and End of Watch.

2:30:07 - New Releases! Looper, Hotel Transylvania, Pitch Perfect, The Game (Criterion Blu- ray)...

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