JoBlo Podcast: Our Best Films of 2011! Dragon Tattoo Reviewed!

Our Best of the Year!

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Johnny Moreno and I have rested our weary bones just in time to deliver our Best Of 2011 lists. Both of us break down our picks and shit on the other's. From there we sneak in a review of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, Moreno checks out one of Chris Bumbray's best of the year in SENNA and the CONAN remake, we finally get around to wrapping up the season finales of 'Homeland' and 'Dexter', and get into another fight with Ron Perlman's face. Happy New Year, sluts.

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The JoBlo Podcast Best of 2011 Lists!

Law checks out anal rape on X-mas Eve.

Moreno doesn't feel Senna.

Another bout with Perlman's facial region.

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