JoBlo Podcast: Our Favorite TV Shows of All Time! Haywire reviewed!

Our Favorite TV Shows of All Time!

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Stuck in the abyss known only as "After Avengers", Moreno and Law try to spice things up by listing their favorite TV shows of all time. Moreno goes on a Elmore Leonard binge while Law reviews HAYWIRE and Artie Lange's book, 'Too Fat to Fish'. We get some more book-to-screen comparisons for 'Game of Thrones', try to figure out if THE AVENGERS can beat out AVATAR for the top spot of all time (and if we actually want it to), declare shenanigans on the set of DJANGO UNCHAINED, and compare the latest trailers for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Plus New Releases and a voicemail that lets us cast The Asylum's version of THE AVENGERS - THE REVENGERS!

Give us a call at (347)408-0460 and leave us a voicemail that might end up being answered on the show by Moreno and me.

The only show on both our lists.

Haywire is all boobs and brawn.

Artie Lange is Too Fat for anything!

Will The Avengers beat The Avatards?

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