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Moreno and Law have sat on this BATTLESHIP review for a week and it's finally time to unleash it's epic-ness. What turned out to be the perfect storm (drive-in, extra-sensory treats, a bottle of Jack) resulted in one of the most memorable nights of my life. And it had everything to do with BATTLESHIP. We also review the craptastic DARK SHADOWS and Moreno catches up with CHRONICLE. TV Round-Up allows us to get ready for the final two 'Game of Thrones'. Literally Literary provides reviews of Storm of Swords, Daemon, and World War Z. Come for the BATTLESHIP love. Stay for the BATTLESHIP hate.

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May be the greatest film-going experience of my life.

We get it, you're goth.

What we would do with the Chronicle powers!

"Tell me more, Uncle Alan Alda."

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