JoBlo Podcast: Our Prometheus Review! True Blood! Madagascar 3!

Prometheus Thrills and Disappoints!

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Law and Moreno have a long passionate talk about the meaning of PROMETHEUS and its many questions while trying to understand the why, who, and where of it all. Game of Thrones comes to its fantastic conclusion as the boys try to figure out whether or not they want to watch True Blood starting next week. We also review JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME, WANDERLUST, and MADAGASCAR: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED. Check out our new timeline below. Somebody better appreciate this!

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0:6:50 - Why moving G.I.JOE to March makes us hate G.I.JOE

0:9:15 - A re-trial for Tim Burton re: Movie Jail. Same result.

0:16:38 - TV Round-Up! GoT, True Blood, Justified, Downton Abbey, Bikie Wars, Storage Wars, Mad Men.

0:50:43 - Literally Literary! Heart Shaped Box, The Walking Dead, Storm of Swords

1:04:20 - What Did You Watch This Week! Prometheus, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Wanderlust, Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted

1:45:12 - New Releases! That's My Boy, Rock of Ages, Sherlock Holmes, Ghost Rider



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