JoBlo Podcast: Paul Dano, Oscar Wrap-Up, & The 2-Headed Podcast Attack!

Paul Dano talks Being Flynn!


Part 1 of the 2-Headed Podcast Attack!

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Jimmy O joins us again with another classic interview. This time he's attacking Paul Dano with hugs while hearing about his upcoming role in BEING FLYNN. Moreno and Law break down the lows and lowers of the 2012 Oscars and take a peek at the week's upcoming New Releases. Before we say good-bye though it's time to join forces with ArrowInTheHead.com and the Blood Bullets & Broads Podcast for Part 1 of our 2-Headed Podcast Attack. Moreno, Law, and Ammon Gilbert chat about another ridiculously horrible shark movie, 2-Headed Shark Attack, featuring Brook Hogan, Carmen Electra, and Charlie O'Connell. And a shark with 2 heads. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming Wednesday over at AITH.

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Jimmy O's sits down with Paul Dano to talk about....

Being Flynn, with a solid return for De Niro.

The 2012 Oscar Wrap-Up!

Part 1 of The 2-Headed Podcast Attack!

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