JoBlo Podcast: Sharks, Ghostbusters, and Vasectomies

The Shark Edition

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With nothing new worth seeing of late, Johnny Moreno revisits a ton of older films to pass the time. Included are BEVERLY HILLS COP, WAYNE'S WORLD, JACKIE BROWN, and THE TOWN. He also checks out UNSTOPPABLE for the first time and refuses to acknowledge Chris Pine. I watch EVERYTHING MUST GO, FAST FIVE, and revisit DEEP BLUE SEA. We blind-answer seven voicemails in a row which leads to conversations about our favorite movie posters of all time and our favorite movie football coaches. There's looks ahead to SHARK NIGHT 3D, and APOLLO 18, and minimal, yet important, Movie Jail talk. See ya, Summer.

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I love Everything Must Go.

Nobody's calling anymore. Stop it.

Our favorite movie footbal coaches.

Our favorite Movie Posters.

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