JoBlo Podcast: That's My Boy Reviewed! Robopocalypse Unleashed!

A Very Surprising Look at That's My Boy!

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With a gaping hole provided by the end of 'Game of Thrones', Law and Moreno look to the written (and spoken) word, the theater, and booze to fill the void. Moreno checks out THAT'S MY BOY and BEING ELMO while Law looks in on SAFE HOUSE and JERSEY SHORE SHARK ATTACK. One of these reviews is not like the others. Literally Literary allows us to speak kindly of things like A Dance With Dragons and Robopocalypse. Finally, we take a look into this weekend's releases and wonder if the rumors are true about BRAVE. They better not be.

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0:9:40 - The Rules to the JoBlo Movie Podcast Drinking Game. Prepare to die.

0:18:00 - Literally Literary! A Dance With Dragons, Too Fat to Fish, Grasping For Airtime, Robopocalypse.

0:49:00 - What Did You Watch This Week! That's My Boy, Being Elmo, Safe House, Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

1:35:00 - New Releases! Brave, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Project X.



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