JoBlo Podcast: The 2012 ConCast w/ Thomas Jane, Matt Damon, & Our Dredd Reviews!

The 2012 ConCast! Matt Damon! Thomas Jane!

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From the moment I say "Welcome to the JoBlo Movie Podcast..." this show is nothing but pandemonium. Recording in front of a live audience, at the great Tilted Kilt in the heart of San Diego, the Podcast welcomes JoBlo.com's official Comic Con team to help bring you all the details of what we covered this past weekend. Jimmy O, Eric Walkuski, Jason Adams, Nick Bosworth, Rusty Eltringham, and a few cameos by some fans of the show - Dude From the Stairs, Tony, & Derek (who got Jimmy O wasted) all come together for one of the most epic recordings I've ever been a part of. Not to mention that we also have interviews with Thomas Jane & Tim Bradstreet (on a bed) and the amazing Matt Damon(!). I know it's all too much to handle but you're going to have to buckle up and pound a few dozen beers if you have any chance of keeping up with us. Let's do it!

Give us a call at (347) 408-0460 and leave us a voicemail that might end up being answered on the show by Moreno and me.

0:1:45 - Highlights of the Comic Con Preview Night!

0:2:50 - A hot waitress "interrupts" us. Click here to see the pic. Sweeeet.

0:6:43 - Our thoughts on Dredd!

0:14:23 - Highlights of Comic Con - Day 2

0:24:35 - Jason Adams & Law sit down with Thomas Jane & Tim Bradstreet!

(Classic pic from Comic Con 2007...this one's for you, Tom!)

0:55:10 - Jimmy O chats with the great Matt Damon!

Be sure to tune in to the AITH Podcast: Blood, Bullets, & Broads this Wednesday for Part 2!!

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