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In honor of Memorial Day (this made perfect sense at the time) we decided to tackle the ass-kicking greatness of Arnold in COMMANDO. Come find out how Rae Dawn Chong goes from "What an annoying bitch" to "I'd bang the shit out of her" in less than an hour. Why we thought Carl Weathers was in this movie, twice. What exactly Arnold is fascinated by with his watch. Why he refuses to put Alyssa Milano down for more than one second at a time. Why Sully is so damn horny. And what the deal is with that self-repairing Porsche. Is it a Transformer? Maybe. Maybe not. All this and more as you work through your long-weekend hangover. Let us do all the work.

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Back to the Future Scarface
Pulp Fiction Halloween (1978)
Die Hard Cloverfield
Shaun of the Dead The Goonies

"Look at da size of ma log."

"Honey can you lay out my most villainous outfit?"

"Can you put me down for like, 2 minutes?"

"Dur.... 4. Duh..... 2....."

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