JoBlo Podcast: The Dark Knight Rises reviewed! Epic Breaking Bad talk! Movie Jail trail!

The Dark Knight Rises reviewed! Epic Breaking Bad talk! Movie Jail trail!

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While the Canadian is away, the Mexican will play. Jim Law is on vacation (his fifth one of the year) so Moreno takes the bull by the horns and steers the ship along its podcast course. Is it a bull or a ship? Get with it man! First, a quick revisit from our Ernest Cline interview where he discusses his multitude of Deloreans. The Ready Player One author is the bomb diggity. From there, Moreno welcomes Jason Adams for his second appearance on the podcast in two weeks. Slow down Adams, I got a job to protect here. Moreno and Adams give their review of The Dark Knight Rises (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS), and why everyone in the flick has glaring moles. JoBlo.com's own Niki Stephens then hops into the TV Round Up segment to discuss the Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS), theories on where the show may be going, and why the discovery of Aaron Paul being on The Price is Right 14 years ago is one of the funniest/most surreal moments ever (click here to scope it out. After Niki bounces out, Adams watches and hates Newsarama (yeah, I know it's Newsroom but I like that better) and the boys discuss Eddie Murphy standing trial for Movie Jail and New Releases. There ain't shit coming out, son.

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0:11:02 - Ernest Cline's Delorean Story!

0:14:45 - Reading some iTunes reviews. Some are nice, some aren't, get over it.

0:19:26 - Moreno and Adams review The Dark Knight Rises (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS)

0:52:25 - TV Round Up with Niki Stephens! Breaking Bad! (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS)

1:38 - Movie Jail talk!

1:50 - New Releases!

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