JoBlo Podcast: The Divide & Act of Valor Reviewed! Movie Jail! Voicemail Attack!

The Return of Movie Jail!

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No guests. 20% More bullshit. Law and Moreno fill the void of Jimmy O's interview skills with plenty of nonsense. Movie Jail is back and wastes no time in putting Tim Burton on trial for his recent obscenities. Literally speaking Moreno goes on to dive into the first 'Game of Thrones' book while Law finishes '11/22/63' and 'The Strain'. Law reviews THE DIVIDE and ACT OF VALOR, there's voicemail reviews for THE RAID and HUNGER GAMES, and Moreno unleashes his impeccable George Takei impersonation.  Young women in Mexico listen to us. Know this.

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The Divide divides Jim law.

Act of Valor is mostly awesome. Mostly.

Tim Burton goes on trial for Movie Jail!

Moreno begins his Game of Thrones literal journey!

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