JoBlo Podcast: The Duplass Bros. talk Jeff, Who Lives at Home! Hugo Reviewed! Voicemailapalooza!

The Duplass Brothers!

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Jimmy O had an eventful week. First he sits down with Mark & Jay Duplass to discuss their film, JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME and then he gets to hang out at the Playboy Mansion for an IMMORTALS party. We get all the dirty details. From there Moreno and Law try to wrap their heads around what is going on with 'The Walking Dead' in the TV Round-Up. Law reviews HUGO and settles an ongoing argument over at the AITH Podcast. We take a crap-load of voicemail reviews on everything from PROJECT X to TITANIC. And we do other stuff that I can never seem to remember the morning after. It's all very shameful.

Give us a call at (347)408-0460 and leave us a voicemail that might end up being answered on the show by Moreno and me.

Jay & Mark Duplass talk Jeff, Who Lives at Home!

Law tries to fathom the "fantasy" of Hugo.

We spoil the shit out of the entire Walking Dead universe because we're upset.

Jimmy O combs his hair for the Playboy Mansion!

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