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Fall Movie Preview

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JoBlo, himself, stops by the house to help Moreno and I go through all the theatrical releases of September and October. Along the way we get excited, bored, drunk, and surprised (at how drunk we get). Before that, Moreno and I review RED STATE and I finally check out ATTACK THE BLOCK and it takes it's rightful place as my favorite movie of the year. By far. We also preview our upcoming SCARFACE commentary track in honor of the film's Blu-ray release this week. Be sure to listen next week as we'll be telling you how to win your very own Blu-ray player and a STAR WARS (Original Trilogy) Blu-ray boxed set. You do dat, we'll do dis.

We've opened up our phone lines to you, the listener, so we can hear all your questions, rants, thoughts, or outright insults for us on The JoBlo Movie Podcast. Give us a call at (347)408-0460 and leave us a voicemail that might end up being answered on the show by Moreno and me.

Red State is inspired work, but did it win us over?

Attack the Block rocks my cock around the clock.

Drive is tops on our anticipation list for the Fall Preview!

JoBlo wants to see Bunraku. WTF is Bunraku?

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