JoBlo Podcast: The Future of Batman, The Tall Man Reviewed, Movie Jail tries Val Kilmer

The Future of Batman! Val Kilmer's Movie Jail Trial! Reviews of The Tall Man & Bernie!

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Law and Moreno are back together and have decided to bring it all to the table. There's PTI (Pirates of the Interruption) where we discuss what's ahead for the Batman, why (how) there's going to be three HOBBIT movies, whether or not anybody cares about GHOSTBUSTERS 3 at this point, and what we think of the new PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 trailer. Then we break into Movie Jail to see the verdict of last week's defendant (Robert De Niro) and throw somebody else on the block. Moreno finally checks out TED while Law enjoys himself during THE TALL MAN and BERNIE. After New Releases the boys get back to The TV Round-Up and have their first discussion together about the on-going brilliance that is Breaking Bad. And finally, the boys wrap things up with a couple voicemails where they get to delve deeper into what the future of Batman should be and what movies to watch when your girlfriend leaves you. Bring a tissue.

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0:13:30 - PTI! The future of Batman movies, why 3 Hobbit movies, Ghostbusters 4, and the Paranomal Activity 4 trailer.

0:30:30 - Movie Jail! The De Niro verdict! Val Kilmer's opening remarks!

0:48:00 - What We Watched! Ted, The Tall Man, Bernie.

1:16:00 - New Releases! The Bourne Legacy, The Campaign, The Lorax.

1:35:30 - TV Round-Up! Breaking Bad, why Moreno isn't excited about The Walking Dead.

2:02:30 - Voicemail! Should The Dark Knight Returns be how they bring back Batman? Movies to watch when your girlfriend breaks up with you.

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