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Ernie Cline Talks Ready Player One!

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There have been a ton of great moments during our interviews over the years.... but none quite like this. Ernie Cline, author of 'Ready Player One' joins Law and Moreno for one of the most energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hilarious, and epic conversations in the history of this show. Fresh off his paperback promotional tour, Ernie sits back to reminisce about how his life has changed since the novel hit shelves, what's in store for the film adaptation, and whether or not he's done with the fantastic world of Ready Player One. Sequels? Two Sequels? Come in and find out. Ernie tells us what it's like getting pulled over in a DeLorean (and why a replica flux capacitor is a must), how he managed to get Wil Wheaton (pictured below signing books with Ernie) to read the audiobook, what it's like to play a video game based on your own book based on a video game (head explodes), and why he hates TEEN WOLF. All of this goes on in between moments of such geek infested rambling, you'll wonder if this is the actual soundtrack in heaven. Read the book, play his book-inspired scavenger hunt to win a DeLorean, listen to this podcast, and thank us in the morning. I'm serious, I'll be expecting your email.

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