JoBlo Podcast: The Sundance Report, The Raid, War Horse, The Descendants

Sundance 2012!

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Podcast favorite, Chris Bumbray is covering Sundance once again for the JoBlo.com network and he's taken a little time out of his ridiculous schedule to call in about his first 48 hours. We get to hear about the awesomeness of THE RAID, the shitfest that is THIS MUST BE THE PLACE, the comfort zone provided by CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER, and more! From there I check out WAR HORSE, THE DESCENDANTS, and A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS and we start to get serious with The 2012 TV Round-Up now that 'Justified is back. Moreno re-visits LAST MAN STANDING and raves about both parts of MESRINE. There a seriously depressing conversation about the end of Blockbuster Video and a glorious new Podcast Trailer sounder sent in by a fan. Tis' a long one, folks, you better grab two bottles of rum.

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Bumbray gets us drooling with talk of The Raid.

Then he cracks us up by shitting all over Sean Penn's face.

Clooney owns in The Descendants.

What the hell happened to Blockbuster?

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