JoBlo Podcast: Transformers 3 Talk with Bumbray, Larry Crowne, Savages, and Love for Luther

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The great Chris Bumbray has abruptly ended the 2011 Apology Tour just in time to sit in with Moreno and Me for an epic discussion on TRANSFORMERS 3. From there, Moreno and C-Bum review the novel, Savages, hate and loathing for LARRY CROWNE, Moreno and I get hooked on the BBC's "Luther", and I try to explain why Dreamworks kicked Pixar's ass for the first time in their existence. I also check out THE LEDGE and IRONCLAD and giggle a lot.

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Bumblebee rules. Maybe the only thing we agree on.

Moreno and I are lovin' some Luther.

Our very own book club? No.

Larry Crowne almost puts Hanks in Movie Jail.

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