JoBlo Podcast: Woman in Black Director, James Watkins & Chronicle Reviewed!

Director, James Watkins!

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The great Jimmy O delivers to us another great interview, this time with the director of THE WOMAN IN BLACK, James Watkins. We also get a call-in review of THE RAID from the amazing Super Marcey. From there we hit up some TV round-up and discuss the future of 'Homeland' and 'The Walking Dead' and give our thoughts on the novel, 'Rise of the Governor'. Moreno checks out the VENGEANCE TRILOGY while I scope TAKE SHELTER. We also take on some voicemails which leads to talk of movie music, our favorite movie bullies, and more documentaries for Moreno to watch. And he watched CLOVERFIELD. Again.

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Director, James Watkins talks The Woman in Black w/ Jimmy O!

Chronicle keeps my 2012 theater streak alive and well.

Moreno gets justice from the Vengeance Trilogy.

More like "Perhaps the Governor?"

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