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Hey ya'll! You might remember me from a few years ago...hehehe. I founded this website back in 1998 and wrote about 1,350 theatrical reviews until around 2006 when my body was struck with a figurative lightning bolt which took me down like the bitch that I am. Since then, I've been going in and out of hospitals, doctors offices and colonoscopies (fun times, kids).

For anyone who gives a rat's ass, I've been doing a little better of late, and hoping to hit a remission period sometime soon. I even went to a hockey game last night...woo-hoo! But with the launch of our movie community called MOVIE FAN CENTRAL a couple of weeks ago, I've decided to publish all of my older reviews that never saw the light of day on the site, since they were the 50 movies I listed as the "coolest of all-time" (actually 1970-2002) back in 2002 in my first book, which you MIGHT still be able to buy from Amazon.com, but if not, just drop me an email, since I have some at the HQ as well.

If not, just drop by my MFC profile page, where I'll be posting all 50 reviews (along with the COOLEST PART about each film, as well as LITTLE KNOWN FACTS and cool shit like that) over the next few weeks including such films as BLADE RUNNER, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, CLERKS, ENTER THE DRAGON, EVIL DEAD 2, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, GOODFELLAS, HEAT, LA FEMME NIKITA, MAD MAX, POINT BREAK, THE PROFESSIONAL, PULP FICTION, RAMBO, ROBOCOP, SCARFACE, SE7EN, SWINGERS,  and tons of others!

I've already started in alphabetical order, so just click on the image below to read them or CLICK HERE, and be sure to "become my friend" so you can check them out at anytime in your own account's LATEST ACTIVITY BY MY FRIENDS section. BTW, I realize these reviews are somewhat "dated", so don't bust my balls, man... ;)



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