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UPDATE: The special CHRISTMAS EDITION of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW will be available on Monday, December 15th...stay tuned!

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As we continue to work hard on episode #8 (the Christmas Edition) to go live on Monday, December 15th (wow, has it been 8 episodes already?), we just wanted remind everyone about the previous episodes, as well as our brand new official website for the show. As per usual, please SUBSCRIBE to our show in whatever format makes the most sense for you, and please SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, if you're diggin' on it. Thanks to all the support!

EPISODE#7 (November 28, 2008: The Thanksgiving Edition):
JoBlo recommends 3 Thanksgiving-based movies, JimmyO reviews both TWILIGHT and Gus Van Sant's MILK, John Fallon aka the Arrow tells us how he thinks PUNISHER: WAR ZONE might be able to compare to Dolph Lundgren's THE PUNISHER. The latest FIVE SPOT counts down the 5 All-Time Box-Office Turkeys! THE CELEBRITY MINUTE is thankful for 3 hot actresses actors, THE DVD INJECTION is back with the latest news on the DVD front, as well as the most awful movie clip from... VAMPIRE ASSASSINS! This episode also includes the latest GUESS THE BOOBIES contestant (Clue: she no longer has impressive boobies), an appearance by Eli Roth's superb THANKSGIVING trailer, little known facts and plenty of HULK TV show references?? 


EPISODE#6 (November 14, 2008: The James Bond Edition): Featuring Moreno's picks for future Bonds, Sean Connery admitting to "hitting women", the winners from the Nightmare before Christmas contest, Arrow's favorite Bond actors, Hottie of the Week (Elizabeth Banks), the DVD Injection, The 'Stache Sayz film reviews (Quantum of Solace / Slumdog Millionaire), The Celebrity Minute featuring the 3 top Bond Chicks, Chris Bumbray's 5 Favorite Bond movies, Hero/Villain of the Week (Seann William Scott & Twilight fans), little known Bond facts & more!

EPISODE#5 (Oct. 31, 2008: The Halloween Edition): (Not Safe For Work) Featuring Moreno's "tricks and treats", JoBlo's Nightmare before Christmas give-away and home tour, Arrow's Halloween movie recommendation (Trick or Treat), Guess the Boobies (Cerina Vincent), the DVD Injection, The Five Spot (Top 5 Slutty Costume Ideas), The Wide World of Sampson (Halloween movies), The 'Stache Sayz (Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Saw 5) & more!


EPISODE#4 (Oct. 17, 2008): Our fourth episode includes news recap, The DVD Injection, the Wide World of Sampson (Mark Wahlberg), the Arrow Spits on your Grave (director Darren Bousman, Anthony Head), The Five Spot (Top 5 Pre-Smackdown speeches), The 'Stache Sayz (Max Payne / Pride and Glory), JoBlo Goes to the Movies, Hero/Villain of the Week (Paul Newman & Mark Wahlberg), Hottie of the Week (Salma Hayek) & more!

EPISODE#3 (Oct. 3, 2008): Third episode includes news recap, Guess the Boobies (Elizabeth Hurley), the Arrow Spits on your Grave (The Red Hours), the Five Spot (Top 5 Movie Pseudonyms), The 'Stache Sayz (Choke / Appaloosa), The Celebrity Minute, JoBlo Goes to the Movies (True Romance) & more!


EPISODE#2 (Sept. 19, 2008): Second episode includes news recap, the Arrow Spits on your Grave (The Fly 2), the Wide World of Sampson (Steve Carrel), The Celebrity Minute, The 'Stache Sayz (Burn After Reading / Eagle Eye), JoBlo Goes to the Movies (Total Recall / eXistenZ), the Hottie of the Week (Carla Gugino), the Hero/Villain of the Week (Roger Ebert & MPAA) & more!

EPISODE#1 (Sept. 5, 2008): Premiere episode includes news recap, the Wide World of Sampson, The 'Stache Sayz (The Pineapple Express / Babylon AD), Guess the Boobies (Shania Twain), JoBlo Goes to the Movies (The Dark Knight), the Hottie of the Week (Amy Smart), the Hero/Villain of the Week (Depp/Law/Farrell & Brett Ratner) & more!



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