JoBlo whacked again!

Two deaths in two weeks...cool! Not sure if anyone gives a rat's behind about any of this, but last week, we premiered my "death scene" from the Christian Viel-directed DEADEN (a film written by and starring John Fallon aka the Arrow) and since the feedback was so enormous (honestly, I don't think I received one email about it), we decided that you'd also be interested in seeing me die in my second motion picture cameo from the Christian Viel-directed RECON 2022, the sequel to RECON 2020. You can see the film's latest teaser HERE or its trailer HERE.

The Arrow co-wrote this puppy and also has a small, but significant, role as the Cyber Merc in this one, but after seeing the screening last week (you can read more about that HERE), I was pretty amazed at what director Viel was able to do on such a small budget. Honestly...I was laughing a lot through the film (many Arrow-esque jokes), enjoyed the action stuff, appreciated the T&A stuff (and yes, girls, there's even a "penis shot" for ya'll) and really liked all of the different "alien creatures", including the homages to such films as ALIENS, DOOM, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and so many more.

If Robert Rodriguez had a French-Canadian doppelganger, his name would be Christian Viel, a man who can do just about anything with very little money. While the film is not on the scale of "big" sci-fi flicks, it still managed some great effects and plenty of fun, especially for those who appreciate that sort of thing. The audience that saw it with us was TOTALLY into the movie, which will hopefully be seeing DVD shelves by the end of this year, with the third of the trilogy, likely to be filmed early next year (and yes, cross your fingers that I am asked to be killed in that one as well). The series is apparently "huge" in Japan!

Making low-budget movies is about as hard a gig as it gets, but I respect dudes like Viel and Fallon so much more because they make sure to enjoy the process along the way, and don't forget why we all got into this cwazy business in the first place: because we LOVE movies, man!

Anyway, I went off on about 12 different tangents there, but for anyone who wants my appearance in the film SPOILED, click on the clip below and see what happens when they send my character of "Joe Blow" to check out the planet of Mezzo first (by the way, this is my character's introduction, so much like any red-shirted STAR TREK character, it's pretty obvious that I'm gonna die and die real soon!). Thanks again for inviting me into your movie, guys and the premiere was a blast!



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