JoBlo.com covers the 2006 Spike TV Scream Awards!

With all the award shows on television, is it any wonder that at some point someone would think to honor all things horror, science fiction and fantasy? And would it be any more of a surprise to find out that that "someone" would be Spike TV? Okay, maybe it could have been The Horror Channel or The Sci-Fi Channel, but I digress. What we do have are The Spike TV 2006 Scream Award (CLICK HERE to see/read all about the awards and its nominees/winners) Fittingly held in the month of October, The Scream Awards gives all those films that don't have a chance in hell to get an Academy Award a little respect.

When me and my hombre of horror, Matt Helton arrived at the Pantages armed with a camera, a microphone and sheer love for the genre, we found ourselves among the press at the "black carpet", while names as big as Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and William Shatner came out for the celebration of all things gruesome. But sadly, they didn't have time for us… they walked along the carpet avoiding the celebrity hungry press. Every once in awhile stopping and talking to one of their little horror buddies.

The Black Carpet lay in front of a red backdrop with the cool Scream Awards spike logo. Which is what the award was, a black spike. We then waited for the ghouls and gals of horror to arrive, and arrive they did. Sid Haig and Leslie Easterbrook from THE DEVIL'S REJECTS stopped to chat. Shawnee Smith, Tobin Bell and Darren Lynn Bousman, director of SAW 2 and SAW 3 came along, all of them taking a few moments to talk to us. Ms. Smith looking as lovely as anyone possibly could. Add to that a few moments with the beautiful Jordan Ladd… hold on, I need a moment after Jordan and Shawnee in one night… okay, I'm back. Then came more genre folk who were nice enough to say "Hi" including 2001 MANIACS splattermeister Tim Sullivan, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING victim and Playboy Playmate Diora Baird and many more.

And thus, the night had ended and Matt and I left the experience with that wonderful feeling Michael Myers must have after his favorite holiday, without of course getting killed several times during the evening. So until next year… Here's to all things horror.


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