JoBlo.com covers the 2007 Spike TV Scream Awards!

Once again, Spike TV shows it’s love to our beloved genre with the 2007 SCREAM AWARDS which was held this year at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Many of you got a chance to watch the festivities on Spike TV this past Tuesday, and I’m sure if you didn’t, they will be offering up many more viewing opportunities. But on Friday, October 19th, my good buddy Matt Helton and I found ourselves back on the “black carpet” for a little excitement and some words with a few of the brightest horror stars. (And despite the similar looking screencaps, I ensure you those are two different videos!...)

Rob Zombie’s peeps

First up, we talked to a few friends of Mr. Rob Zombie such as Bill Moseley, Danny Trejo, Sid Haig, and the newest additions to the Michael Myers history, Tyler Mane and Daeg Faerch. Also joining the party was one of favorite directors, Edgar Wright. I loved HOT FUZZ and SHAUN OF THE DEAD and I’m looking forward to a little double dipping of FUZZ. Yeah, I know, usually I hate that but I have to hear his commentary with Quentin Tarantino where they talk very little about the movie they are watching. Along with Edgar, Eli Roth dropped by who snagged a few nominations for HOSTEL 2.

The chicks

There is one thing that Spike TV stands for, and that would be the enjoyment of a few movie hotties. And lucky for us, we had a whole bunch of hotties lining up the “black carpet” for the 2007 SCREAM AWARDS. And a few of them were lovely enough to take time out to show the JoBlo love. I’m talking about some of the loveliest ladies that have ever graced the blood soaked silver screen, including Kristy Swanson, E.G. Daily, Shawnee Smith, Betsy Russell (who you will soon see in SAW 4) and “Painkiller Jane”, Kristanna Loken. I talked to a couple of GRINDHOUSE girls including the incredibly lovely Zoe Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. And finally, one of the sexiest women alive, just check out her PLAYBOY pictorial… Ms. Christa Campbell. Yes, I was a happy man that night.

The Dudes

The hightlight of the 2007 SCREAM AWARDS was easily the enjoyable experience of watching Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Slash rock out with “School’s Out (For Summer)”. It was the end of the evening and one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in awhile. But even cooler, was getting a couple of minutes to talk “Welcome to my Nightmare” with Mr. Cooper. It’s freakin’ Alice Cooper. And the “black carpet” was lined up with a bunch of horror dudes ready to sit down for a night of celebrating all sorts of genre fun. Aside from Mr. Cooper, I had a moment with my favorite watcher from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Anthony Stewart Head among others. Casper Van Dien, Roger Avary, Ben Templesmith, Thomas Jane and one of the greatest men in horror history… the dude with the chin… Bruce Campbell. Yep, I got my horror fix that night.



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