JoBlo.com has updated its Celebrity Interviews section, along with Set Visits, Film Festivals...

By now you've noticed that we've been slowly (but surely) updating every single section on the JoBlo Movie Network over the past year or so, with the major updates happening last year with the revamped MovieFanCentral community, then the MovieHotties facelift and the DVD Clinic to Digital Dorm switcheroo (and let's not forget the addition of the brand spankin' new Pimpin' Poster Palace!) and most recently, our awesome new VIDEO and TRAILERS sections, but we're not completely done yet as JOBLO MOBILE should be hitting the streets pretty soon, as well as updates for all the remaining "old sections" of JoBlo.com and Arrow in the Head over the next few months.

Today's update may not seem so major to readers, but for us, it was one of the most time-consuming as we changed the way we presented our CELEBRITY INTERVIEW archives, so that you can actually see the face of each person we interviewed (as the character they played in the film for which we interviewed them). Turns out that we've interviewed close to 1,500 peeps since 1998 (who knew?!), so needless to say, it took some time to find them, crop them and upload them. Big thanks to Michelle, Elaine and Hazel for their hard work behind-the-scenes!

On that same page, we also feature all of our CONVENTION, FILM FESTIVAL and AWARDS coverage including every single San Diego Comic Con since 2000, a handful of Toronto, Sundance, Cannes and Sitges festivals, as well as some Scream and MTV Movie Awards coverage and more. Once again, I never realized that we'd covered 58 of these over the years, but if you're looking for one spot to find all of our coverage...here it is!

Finally, the last part of this updated section features all of the SET VISITS to which we've been invited since 1998. Once again, I always thought we'd covered 30-50, but it turns out that we're closing in on the 100 mark. That said, set visits have actually become less and less interesting over the years (they're basically just "glorified junkets" at this point), so I'm not sure if we'll be hanging out as many as before, but if you care to look back at some of our previous ones...she's all yours!

We hope ya'll dig these latest updates and we're looking forward to presenting a few more, including a revamped (and faster) front page, as well as a brand-new PODCASTS section and more! Puff-puff. Thanks to Face3 for all the awesome design/programming work. These dudes rock!




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