JoBlo.com on YouTube = trailers, video interviews and viral movie goodness for you!

Many of you already know about our popular JOBLO VIDEO section right here on the site, but did you know that we've also got a nice footing on YouTube which features all of our latest celebrity video interviews, hottie of the month videos, movie viral tribute videos but also (as of most recently)... the latest movie trailers and clips to boot?

That's right! Even if you're on the go, you can check into our JOBLO MOVIE NETWORK YouTube channel and check out all of the latest trailers, as soon as they hit the Net! So you know about our Facebook presence, our Twitter presence (we're also on Tmbler) and now we're updated on YOUTUBE as well, so join us anywhere you want and we'll send you a free beer (Note: We can't actually send anyone free beer but it's the thought that counts). And if you have any friends who dig on movie trailers, PLEASE SHARE our YOUTUBE page with them as well. Check out some of our most popular vids below. Thanks!

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