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Who’s In It? James Franco, Natalie Portman, Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux, Charles Dance, Damian Lewis, Toby Jones

Who Made It? Directed by David Gordon Green (Universal)

What Is It? A heroic prince travels a magical realm seeking his kidnapped bride, and is assisted on his quest by his lazy stoner brother and a foxy warrior woman.

How’s It Look From Here? A big-budget R-rated pot fantasy? PINEAPPLE EXPRESS with swords and spells? How did this ever get made (and at the same studio that won't front the dough for a huge horror-adventure movie from Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron)?

Probably a perfectly reasonable question, but who cares, blast a fatty and enjoy -- adults who are into weed and/or World of Warcraft should find plenty here to appreciate. Plus, Portman's butt.


Who’s In It? Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett

Who Made It? Directed by Joe Wright (Focus)

What Is It? Hanna is your average coldblooded assassin teenager, trained by her ex-CIA dad in the wilds of Finland. Separated from her pops and thrust into the world for the first time, she faces a devious intelligence operative, groups of tenacious agents, and the truth about her past. And boys with cooties.

How’s It Look From Here? Everyone loves chicks who kill! Considering it's from ATONEMENT and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE director Wright, HANNA will be more BOURNE serious (despite the awkward "first kiss" scene in the trailer) than the Skittles-colored KICK-ASS it seems often compared to.

Ronan is becoming a remarkable young actress, and (despite her CRYSTAL SKULL stumble) Blanchett is an inspired villain choice. And Bana always kicks ass. But doesn't the marketing seem confused on how to sell this?


Who’s In It? Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner, Helen Mirren, Greta Gerwig, Nick Nolte, Luis Guzman

Who Made It? Directed by Jason Winer (Warner Bros.)

What Is It? A boozy billionaire could lose his fortune if hooks up with the gal he likes as opposed to the one his family wants on his arm to uphold the corporate image.

How’s It Look From Here? Is it Russell Brand month? Although his mug was masked by some digitial rabbit chicanery in last week's HOP, that considerable jaw is front and center this week (between Brand and co-star Jennifer Garner, this might be the most jawful movie of the month).

But really, are audiences interested in paying to see Brand as a leading man instead of a supporting character/punchline -- never mind that he's "re-inventing" a beloved Dudley Moore role? At least Mirren seems a fitting replacement for the late Sir John Gielgud (who won an Oscar for playing the loyal, sharp-tongued servant). But we'll also have to face the inevitable cover of a famous Christopher Cross song. Is it worth it? Is it?


Who’s In It? AnnaSophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, Kevin Sorbo, Carrie Underwood, Craig T. Nelson, Branscombe Richmond

Who Made It? Directed by Sean McNamara (FilmDistrict)

What Is It? Teen surfer girl Bethany Hamilton gets partially consumed by a shark, but continues (just not in the same day) on her quest to become a champion on the waves in this based-on-real-life story.

How’s It Look From Here? This one silently swam to the cinema shoreline, and might be jumping the gun on beach season (perhaps wisely, considering the cautionary message that it's still not safe to go back in the damn ocean). But this underpromoted inspirational story has some heavy competition this weekend, and what's up with that eclectic supporting cast?


If you're looking for teen girl action (watch it, pervs), I'm betting you're more likely to see HANNA shred her enemies rather than SOUL SURFER rip the pipeline. And if you want some raunchy laughs, YOUR HIGHNESS sure seems like a safer bet than a completely unnecessary remake of ARTHUR.



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