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During the first 7-8 years of the site, I was the only person who wrote our theatrical reviews, under my pseudonym of "JoBlo". My real name, of course, is Engelbert Humperdinck. The point is that ever since a strange ailment struck me down a few years ago (if you give half a shit, read about part of my ongoing health issues HERE), the site added a slew of cool peeps to its ranks, in order to review all (kewl) theatrical releases including such favorites as Tim Goernert, JimmyO, Chris Bumbray and so many more (well okay, maybe a couple more). Seeing as I had my own little area to archive my reviews (1299 really old reviews in the hizzouse HERE), we figured that it was about time that the rest of the gang received that same treatment, so you can now keep track of all JoBlo.com Staff Movie Reviews by clicking on REVIEWS at the top of our site, and then STAFF REVIEWS. Pretty simple, right? We try...we try.

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