JoBlo.com unleashes its own Celebrity Movie Database!

We're just about done updating every single section across the JoBlo Movie Network (an ongoing 1-2 year project) and now it's time to introduce a few new pieces of the puzzle to our readers (next up, MOVIE QUOTES!!). Firstly, we recently launched the Beta version of JOBLO MOBILE, which you can access via your cell phone right now (just dial up www.joblo.com and you should be re-directed to the new site, which looks more like an "app" now). We're still working out the bugs though, so expect the official announcement for that in about a week or so.

But today, we've officially launched a brand new section of the site called JOBLO'S CELEBRITY DATABASE which basically consists of over 20,000 profile pages of every single celebrity that has a part in any of the 7,100 movies listed in our JOBLO MOVIE DATABASE (both sections are now interrelated, as you can probably tell). We're obviously not anywhere close to the IMDB's size and resources, but I think ours is a different kind of database, which also focuses on different things. For now, you can access the section directly via the UPCOMING MOVIES tab in our navigation menu.


- Each celebrity in our database has their filmography listed, including their acting, directing and writing credits (our filmography section is not comprehensive but includes most films from each person from 1980 to present).

- For each celeb, their full birth name, date of birth (i.e. age) and height will be listed, along with a representative image of themselves. We've only added pictures for the top celebs at this time, but over time, we will be adding more and more info and pics

- When surfing via a film in our MOVIE DATABASE, you can now click on the names of the people in any film and go directly to their entire profile in the CELEBRITY DATABASE

- You can click on the ADD TO FANBOX button and add any celebrity from our CELEBRITY DATABASE to your MFC profile, just like our MOVIE DATABASE and HOTTIE DATABASE entries

- Much like any other section of the site, you can rate each celeb from 1 to 10, or share the page with your Facebook or Twitter accounts

- Next to each celebrity's filmography is a section dedicated to all videos/trailers that we have related to that person on our site. Just click and watch!

The only thing missing right now is a SEARCH specific to the CELEBRITY DATABASE section and we'll be adding that early next week, including an "auto-fill" feature.



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