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Hey, did you guys know there's like, a new HARRY POTTER movie coming out soon? Also, WINNIE THE POOH is an allegory for Of Mice and Men and your English teacher lied to you. There's no hidden meaning in Piggy's inhaler, she just needed ten minute to go smoke a bowl in the janitor's closet with the art staff. Apparently LUCKY isn't just a shopping magazine for morons, its also a film about underachieving serial killers.

We answer the best Ask A GEEK CHICK question to date, (yes that's a challenge) and seriously discuss the repercussions of a 3D porn experience. No, no we don't. We make poncho jokes and snort when we laugh. We once again talk about female superheroes and thoroughly drive the subject into the ground so please stop making us talk about it. It's Friday, and Neville Longbottom is waiting to bring the rain. Don't bring up his parents ( it's kind of a touchy subject ) and raise your butterbeer with the GEEK CHICKS.

This is canon, right?

"You know who's a dick? Rabbit."

You can build this, but you can't make a decent 3D porn? Get out of my face, China.

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