JoBlo's Geek Chicks: Niki and Jaci vs. The Apocalypse

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Good morning tiger. Still wishing it was Spring Break? Just listen to Geek chicks, we will make it all better.

What are the hot topics today? Oh, just the usual. The first of the new releases make us want to burn something or someone. Who gives a f*ck about Roderick's Rules? He's 12. I bet his balls still haven't dropped. Come talk to us when you're a man, carrying around an axe and smell of lumberjack. Never doubt our premature love for SUCKER PUNCH. We know it isn't a masterpiece; all we want is the action and T&A.

As we venture into the news of the week, comic adaptations are the hot topic. So, the Wonder Woman costume is terrible. It basically the result of a garbage bag and a condom getting it on and having a baby. During Ask A Geek Chick shit gets interesting. We take 5 hours to pick out our Marvel Vs. Capcom teams and Niki almost rage quits when Jaci says she doesn't know about the Mortal Kombat webseries.

Stick around because we announce the winner of the art contest and get sad that only two people submitted. We still love you guys.

This is what Niki did over Spring Break.

It could be worse? Better? What was the question?

Who has the prettiest art of all art?

We would be really happy to receive any comments, questions, or internet memes. If that sounds like it tickles your fancy, send an email to [email protected].

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