JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: Scandinavian Chocobo Fight

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Before you head off to buy an oven during Memorial weekend, get your dose of the Geek Chicks.

For some reason we trail off a lot during this episode, everything reminds of high school. I'm sorry that we can't get over it.

We get to the new releases, slowly but surely. We start with KUNG-FU PANDA 2 and Jaci tells us about that one time that she puked. Then five hours later we discuss THE HANGOVER PART II. You will never be HOT SHOTS! PART DEUX!!! People don't get THE TREE OF LIFE. We aren't going to hold your hand and talk you through it.

Other noteworthy tidbits: Mike Tyson's tattoo artist is dumb, googling Sean Penn in THIS MUST BE THE PLACE will also bring up pictures of Lydia from BEETLEJUICE, never get an ice cream tattoo on your face, and I take up for Zach Galifianakis. YOU AIN'T GOT NO PANCAKE MIX!

Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick...

"I have a f*cking snitch tattoo, I think it's okay for you to wear your Gryffindor tie."

Even though his birthday was on the 25th, I'm still acknowledging it. Happy Birthday, Mike Myers! Party on Wayne!

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