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You should wait until you're on the train ride home before listening to this, since Aperture probably frowns upon any non-science communications. Same applies if you have a pet lion. Though, if you have a pet lion you probably don't take orders from internet strangers.

Andrew Lloyd Weber stops by to talk about his international tour of AFRICAN CATS. We get lucky enough to have another guest when your mom stops by to talk about her job at the circus in WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. (It's artesian spring water, not that lead-filled crap you drink) We don't even bother to hide our disdain for GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD or MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY. (That's probably not even the title.)

We randomly make up Batman characters in an attempt to write ourselves into THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. There's some awkwardness when we answer some GEEK CHICK questions about hot girls and superdudes. Yeah, I said "superdudes". Now you say it. Out loud. OWN IT. We also make sure you're good and sick of GLaDOS talk. Hey, who would win in a fight; GLaDOS or the MCP? The GEEK CHICKS, that's who.

"I can't eat zebra because it goes straight to my thighs."

Jaci shares her ultrasound pics.

Earth lost a BAMF this week, kids. Allons-y Sarah Jane!

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