JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: A Boy/Girl Party??

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This weeks Babysitters Club Super Special Halloween Edition of GEEK CHICKS is here! In which we talk to Ammon and Eric of the ARROW IN THE HEAD PODCAST about our feelings and how its really not fair to make us be locker buddies with fat girls. (I mean, have you ever even seen Meredith's raincoat?)

Make sure to take off your special sunglasses, so the guys can tell you to your gross skeleton face that THEY LIVE doesn't count as a scary movie, despite its premise being easily more terrifying than some douchebag with a big hook. Did I just put those words together?

Oh and make sure you watch GRAVEYARD SHIFT, otherwise you can't sit with us at lunch. You'll have to sit with The Plastics and we ALL KNOW you cant pull off that pink polo shirt, girlfriend.

I still haven't seen it, so I don't know if this is funny

Hey Pirates, SHUT UP.

Ok, but why is this sign so festive???

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