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Want to hear some scary campfire stories? We don't have any but we do think that collecting serial killer memorabilia is a little f*cked up.

Although, I did get a letter from that Zodiac man. He seems like a nice guy. Speaking of guys, THE CHANGE-UP will never be as cool as VICE VERSA. There's no way you can top Judge Reinhold acting like a 12-year old Fred Savage. Also, poor Jaci, she can still smell Vegas in her luggage and it stinks of old smokey shame. Maybe I'll fair better at QuakeCon with the body odor and forever alone stares. I love the boys who BYOC.

Seriously though, keep listening to the show. We might have some panties for you to win in a contest or something.

We're f*cked.

Don't hitch a ride in that. EVER.

"Billy, just go get a damn cup of sugar. The house just needs a paint job that's all."

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