JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: Crimbus Shrim

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It's Friday! That magical day that takes all the sorrows away! You know what else takes all the sorrows away? This episode of Geek Chicks!

Crimbus is coming and we've already started our wishlist. Is it slightly weird? Yeah, but did you expect anything less? Santa, please bring us the ride in Dalek. It's all we've ever wanted. But seriously, you're going to have to take one to each house because we aren't sharing the damn thing. Before we get into the real spirit of Christmas, we discuss the American Psycho remake/reboot/whateverthef*ckwedon'tcare. Jaci is also taking open auditions for a temporary co-host but really they are only for her own amusement. Hint: The more drunk you are on a daily basis, the better.

Also, GET EXCITED for next weeks HOME ALONE commentary. We just wet the bed.

Look at these hot sluts.

This is a shoulder massager. Japan, we are not easily fooled.

Oops, we forgot to add this to our list.

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