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This week's GEEK CHICKS is extra special, folks. Not only is there a surprise guest, (it's nobody famous, relax) but there's a definite "angry" vibe pulsating through the ether. The girls get their Olivers mixed up while discussing SUBMARINE and THE BEGINNERS. There's some hardcore nostalgia while talking about X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. And LOVE WEDDING MARRIAGE? Mmm...not so much.

MFC's own homeboy Servo shows up to brag about how cool it is to work a film festival. You can sense our resentment if you hold your face up close to the screen. Feel that? It's a hot, moist type of resentment. Breathe it in, baby. There's also some casual trashing of big Hollywood celebrity types. There may or may not be some more Harry Potter talk, I don't know, I can't remember, what is this, TOTAL RECALL?

Anyway, hopefully this week's podcast makes you wish you had three hands. You know, for Slurm.

Ok, so maybe he's kind of a celebrity? (No, no he's not)

Wolverine, you don't have to sit with THEM.

What did you think I meant?

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