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No, that title has nothing to do with plate tectonics. It has to do with old jokes about Mark Wahlberg. Donnie Wahlberg? Mark. Bees? Beads?

We go all loyal KILL BILL fangirl on COLOMBIANA (you have to "eeYANNa" when you say it) and are sure to broadcast our cultural ignorances as much as possible.

We tell you all the reasons DONT BE AFRAID OF THE DARK is a rude-ass command from somebody who doesn't even know you. What, Del Toro's your roommate and holds your hand when you go to the bathroom at night and you run really fast past your mirror because if you look at it, you'll see the Devil and he'll take you inside the mirror and you'll never escape so you force-pee really fast and haul ass to your room and jump from the doorway onto your bed so the demons can't grab your ankles before you can get "safe" under the sheets where they can't get you? Does he? I doubt it. Sinner.

Yes, that wallpaper is pretty rad, but maybe you should run.

Any time, Fenix. ANY time.

What was going ON in the 90s?

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