JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: Halloween Horror Movie Discussion! In The Mouth of Madness

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October is more than halfway over, so get your ass to Target and get that Angry Birds costume you've been avoiding before there's none left and you have to go as a hot dog. Don't be that guy.

Continuing our awesome and original idea of horror movies in October, we have IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS. Blink and you'll miss Pyramid Head. (Is it me, or is Pyramid Head kinda hot?) I dont know, something about Dr. Grant and a bridge. Maybe Cthulu shows up? It's blurry, but I'm pretty sure I saw the grandma from HAPPY GILMORE.

Hay gurl!

This came up when I looked for Dr. Grant pics. Well-played, universe.

Like I need a reason to post a picture of this beautiful beast.

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